Birthday Depression: Accepting The Birthday Blues

I turned 28 last week, an insignificant milestone which brought along with it a wave of emotion. I have always cherished birthdays. As a young girl, the day was full of gifts, friends and birthday cake. Normally one to shy away from attention, I quite enjoyed a full day that was dedicated to me. I got to pick what food we would eat, what theme my party would be and who I’d get to invite.  I’d be too excited to sleep the night before; my… View Post

Returning To Work After A Mental Breakdown

It’s been four months since I made the hard decision to leave full-time work and focus on my mental health. Over the past month, I have felt somewhat ready to head back into the workforce but it was super important to me (and my mental health!) that I found the right job first. I’ve lived and breathed customer service for the past 13 years – it’s what I’m good at, but it is absolutely soul-destroying. So many times I was told not to let a… View Post

Exercise For Your Mental Health

I have always had a love-hate relationship with exercise. I’ve never been an athletic-type and I never got a thrill from any kind of exercise. Exercise to me was a form of torture. Growing up, I was a keen netballer but only comfortable in my favoured position, goal keeper, as it meant I’d be limited to one-third of the court (less running!). In high-school I’d avoid sports carnivals like the plague and every year at the swimming carnival, I’d conveniently “have my period”. This feeling has… View Post

The Girl Who Lost Her Confidence

She’d never been an overly confident person. She was bullied a lot in high school and made to feel like she was just not good enough. There was nothing in her life that she excelled at (except for her excellent music knowledge, particularly the 80’s) or that set her apart from others. She wasn’t good at sport, her marks at school were average and she didn’t have a line of boys (or girls) vying for her affection. Once she left home and the small town… View Post

Australian Genetics of Depression Study

A few months ago, I came across an article about the Australian Genetics of Depression study who were putting a call out for participants. The study, which is being performed by QIMR Berghofer, is part of an international collaboration which aims to identify the genetic risks factors associated with clinical depression and how a person’s genes could influence the risk of developing depression. From firsthand experience, depression is not easy to treat. I have trialled four different medications, my most recent being last week so… View Post