First, We Make The Beast Beautiful – A Review

I tend to believe that ‘things happen for a reason’, however, as a firm believer in science over spirituality and religion, this makes zero sense. I think it’s a coping mechanism for me, it’s comforting and gives me hope. Thinking this way makes it easier to deal with life and life’s little problems sometimes. Anyway, one of ‘these’ moments led me to discover the latest book by Sarah Wilson, First, We Make The Beast Beautiful.  Truth is, I’ve never been in to Sarah Wilson. I’d only… View Post

Depressed & Jobless

I’m Sarah and until recently, I have been living with high-functioning depression and anxiety. Until recently? I’m still living with depression and anxiety but right now I’m not high-functioning, more like zero-functioning. Last week I quit my full-time, reasonably-well paying job, where I was well-supported, worked with a great bunch of people and offered career progression. Sounds stupid, eh? Don’t worry, the ol’ brain is still beating me up about it. For the first time in my adult life, I’m unemployed. Does this make me anxious? Hell… View Post