Exercise For Your Mental Health

I have always had a love-hate relationship with exercise. I’ve never been an athletic-type and I never got a thrill from any kind of exercise. Exercise to me was a form of torture. Growing up, I was a keen netballer but only comfortable in my favoured position, goal keeper, as it meant I’d be limited to one-third of the court (less running!). In high-school I’d avoid sports carnivals like the plague and every year at the swimming carnival, I’d conveniently “have my period”. This feeling has… View Post

The Girl Who Lost Her Confidence

She’d never been an overly confident person. She was bullied a lot in high school and made to feel like she was just not good enough. There was nothing in her life that she excelled at (except for her excellent music knowledge, particularly the 80’s) or that set her apart from others. She wasn’t good at sport, her marks at school were average and she didn’t have a line of boys (or girls) vying for her affection. Once she left home and the small town… View Post