Exercise For Your Mental Health

I have always had a love-hate relationship with exercise. I’ve never been an athletic-type and I never got a thrill from any kind of exercise. Exercise to me was a form of torture. Growing up, I was a keen netballer but only comfortable in my favoured position, goal keeper, as it meant I’d be limited to one-third of the court (less running!). In high-school I’d avoid sports carnivals like the plague and every year at the swimming carnival, I’d conveniently “have my period”. This feeling has… View Post

Mindful Photography

As a kid,  I don’t think there was anything more exciting than getting my film developed and then going through all the photos I took weeks before! I’ve always loved taking photos, so when the digital camera became more affordable to the middle-class family, it was a very exciting time in my life. No longer did I have to pay for film and processing, nor did I have to wait weeks for my photos to be developed. We could finally capture the ‘perfect’ moment…after a few tries… View Post

The Mental Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! I started this week off with a massage – all in the name of science of course, ‘researching’ the mental health benefits of massage therapy! It was that good I could feel myself drifting off into dreamland – only to be woken up by my snoring! Getting a massage is definitely one of my favourite self-care activities. If I had my way (and a dispensable income!), I’d have my own on-call personal masseuse – feelin’ me? I love massages! Not only can a… View Post

How Art Therapy Can Improve Your Mental Health

For this week’s Wellness Wednesday, I take a look at a very recent discovery of mine, art therapy and how it can benefit your mental health! I’ve always felt intimidated by the word ‘art’. To me it meant painting or drawing, both of which I’m not terribly good at. This all changed last month when for our anniversary,  my very thoughtful boyfriend organised for me to attend a ‘Paint Your Pet’ session at Cork and Canvas. The great thing about this is that they draw your furry friend… View Post