The Girl Who Lost Her Confidence

She’d never been an overly confident person. She was bullied a lot in high school and made to feel like she was just not good enough. There was nothing in her life that she excelled at (except for her excellent music knowledge, particularly the 80’s) or that set her apart from others. She wasn’t good at sport, her marks at school were average and she didn’t have a line of boys (or girls) vying for her affection. Once she left home and the small town… View Post

Australian Genetics of Depression Study

A few months ago, I came across an article about the Australian Genetics of Depression study who were putting a call out for participants. The study, which is being performed by QIMR Berghofer, is part of an international collaboration which aims to identify the genetic risks factors associated with clinical depression and how a person’s genes could influence the risk of developing depression. From firsthand experience, depression is not easy to treat. I have trialled four different medications, my most recent being last week so… View Post

Men’s Health Week 2017: Cameron’s Story

Did you know that on average, 1 out of 8 men will experience depression in their lives? Or that 1 in 5 men will experience anxiety? Sadly, only 1 in 4 men who experience anxiety or depression will seek treatment. Out of the 3,000 suicides in Australia a year, 75% are men. This equates to an average of 6 men taking their lives each day. Still doesn’t seem like much? Suicide is the leading cause of death in men under the age of 54. The stigma… View Post

I Love You, (Wo)man.

Remember the friend-less but gorgeously handsome Paul Rudd in the movie, I Love You, Man? Yeah, well P-Rudd and I are kindred spirits – okay, his character and I bear some striking similarities. If you haven’t seen the movie the brief rundown of it is: Paul Rudd’s character proposes to his girlfriend, girlfriend is worried about his lack of friends in the lead up to the wedding, Paul Rudd goes on ‘mandates’ and eventually finds his BFF. Cute, right? Yeah, unless you find yourself also… View Post

Mindful Photography

As a kid,  I don’t think there was anything more exciting than getting my film developed and then going through all the photos I took weeks before! I’ve always loved taking photos, so when the digital camera became more affordable to the middle-class family, it was a very exciting time in my life. No longer did I have to pay for film and processing, nor did I have to wait weeks for my photos to be developed. We could finally capture the ‘perfect’ moment…after a few tries… View Post